Be Discovered

Discovering artists through social media


The Be Discovered story begins in early 2013 in West London, with a small group of people talking about how we could use our tech to help aspiring musicians, dancers, producers, DJs, designers in the world of social media. Fast-forward half a year, increase that small group by about 10 people and you have what Be Discovered is today.

“A team of eclectic individuals who came together for a common purpose”

- to provide a spotlight in today's bustling world of social media. Where the people creating the culture of tomorrow - across music, fashion, lifestyle and the arts - can come together to perform and collaborate in a unique environment. Taking culture from 'virtual to live' through Google Hangouts, social media shout-outs and monthly live performances.

Follow the journey

Whether you're a new or existing fan, we've got you covered. Connect with every emerging artist we spotlight through our official YouTube channel, Google Plus page and right here on our site. Also, at the end of every month we'll be bringing Be Discovered to life with a live gig at The Hospital Club - check that out every month on our Facebook page.

The Team